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BBC Three is a branch of the British Broadcasting Corporation that in 2018 reached out to many users about doing a documentary. In October 2018, it was announced that the project had been commissioned (i.e. its budget had been approved) and that production could therefore begin. Many users have expressed skepticism and suspicion about the motives and intentions of the documentarians.

Contrary to the assumptions of many users, the "interviews" by BBC Three that have been conducted have merely been phone conversations for research purposes, potentially but not necessarily leading up to actual interviews in front of a camera that could become part of the documentary.

Prominent incel community members who have expressed interest in the project include Master,[1] catfishman,[2] and NEETAndTidy.[3][4][5] There was also talk that frailstalepalemale had participated while drunk, although his credibility may be suspect.

JeffGoldblumInTheFly claimed to have declined an interview.[6] Some black users have remarked that every time they unzip their pants, they have an opportunity to talk to the BBC if they want.[7]

Total Imbecile has predicted that everyone who participates in the documentary will ascend by statusmaxxing.[8] It has been suggested that only oldcels should participate, to give inceldom more credibility.[9]


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