knajjd v. Zesto

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knajjd v. Zesto was a case that was decided in 2018. It set a precedent that users can be banned from based on what they post to Looksmax, and helped pave the way for decisions expanding that precedent, such as RageAgainstTDL v. Zyros and SergeantIncel v. Leucosticte. knajjd wrote:[1]

originally, i'd told you that if you made an appeal a month or so after you came back from your trip i would have read and considered it, and that simply letting your offense slide would have been very unfair towards everybody else who had been banned for the same violation. you didn't appreciate that chance and have instead chosen to spread much misinformation about and cast aspersions on the mod team, the website and the community as a whole like a petulant child. it's obvious that you wouldn't appreciate being given a second chance. you simply want to be given a free pass outright because you think you're too big of a deal not to be afforded special privileges.

what's more, over in you've openly and blatantly bragged about your looks and successes with females, even in the west. you are 100% sure that you'll be getting laid in Japan, which you'll apparently be going to very soon, and even outright identify as a "Chad". you obviously don't belong in this forum anymore which you've admitted to yourself, calling the entire community here "crabs in a bucket", and have openly said that you hate this forum. looksmax is a much better fit for you.