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Kointo or Lol is a prolific shitposter. He is a fan of Sesshōmaru. He became chief administrator of on Christmas Eve, 2018.


Kointo is the user with the highest post count on He received a 30% warning from knajjd for advertising on[1]

Kointo was banned from after reaching the list of users with the most posts.


BigGhey writes, "Kointo was a great shitposter, and nausea was just a shadow of him."[2] According to knajjd, "kointo was a generic, ungrateful and unstable shitposter who hasn't contributed anything of value to the forum."[3] Anonymous MG writes, "Kointo was in his eyes a true hero, and many incels saw him that way. He believed the mods were stupid and made multiple accounts on here just to decry the mods, he also loved to shitpost and had a large following."[4]

Avatars and memes[edit]

Current avatar

Kointo is fond of images of pigs sniffing[5] and of the barf emoji.[6]