List of historical arcs

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The historical arcs consist of two major arcs (the Zesto arc and Kointo arc) with many mini-arcs, which together comprise the history of

Zesto arc[edit]

The Zesto arc began on 4 December 2018, when the site was founded. There were several mini-arcs, the first of which was the founding arc, when Zesto began building the site. The shitposting arc began approximately 9 December, when Kointo joined the site, causing a spike of activity. Activity was disrupted by technical problems that for several hours rendered the site inaccessible to most users. Activity was further diminished by Zesto's banning numerous users, and by Kointo's departure. The endgame arc was the final arc, leading to Zesto's disappearance and replacement by Kointo on 24 December.

Kointo arc[edit]

The Kointo arc began on 24 December 2018, when Kointo took over the site. The first mini-arc in his rule was the resurrection arc, when he quickly began rebuilding site activity. The nomic arc began when a game of nomic commenced to determine who would reign in the long term.

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