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The Republic of Nathania consists of five incel or quasi-incel sites,,, RGIF,, and

Sites[edit] is intended as a more serious site; is a testbed and experimental fun niche site, and possibly imageboard/gallery for spreading the JBpill; RGIF is a frontline troll site which intends to attract femoids with rape fetishes; is a place for truecels who don't want blackpilled normies around; and is a weeb-themed shitposting site. The arguments that there are too many sites was rebutted by Leucosticte in a post which explained how all the parts fit together.[1]


Supreme leaders[edit]

Moderation authority is highly decentralized to the supreme leaders:

Site Theme / purpose Leader Blackpilled discussion; capital of the republic High council JBpilled discussion High council Rapepilled discussion Leucosticte Truecels only FeminismIsCancer Weebpilled discussion Kointo

Senior moderators[edit]

Robtical and Cancel are senior moderators, so-called because their tenure goes back at least as far as the days.

Resignation, succession, and absence[edit]

Generally, the supreme leaders are not allowed to resign, and may not be removed, although they may delegate power, and the secretariat may in their absence run the site on an emergency basis. For this reason, there is no true "succession" in the event a site leader disappears. It is assumed that the site leaders are immortal, god-like beings, and that any absence on their part is just an exercise of their will, perhaps as a test of their lieutenants and other subordinates to see how they behave in their absence.

In the event that an acting site leader, appointed by the site leader to act on his behalf, is misbehaving, the secretariat will continue to take such actions as needed to preserve data, and may attempt to carry out the will of the site leader as expressed in his statements before he went absent; but if those statements are absent or unclear, will act in the secretariat's own discretion. The secretariat also reserves the right to take no action, under the presumption that the site leader intended no action to be taken in his absence. The secretariat is not obligated in any way to take any moderation actions or to take on the role of acting site leader, since those areas are under the domain of the site leader, under the scheme of decentralization.

Philosophy of decentralization[edit]

The reasoning for decentralization has been laid out in several posts, which explain that, for instance, only the founder can love the site as his child, and therefore if it is desired to change leaders, it is better to create a new site and let the old site wither and die; also, the central authority is ill-equipped to micromanage the sites' affairs since they are too complex and specialized for the executive branch officials to be expert enough to make those decisions, and also there is simply is not enough manpower in the secretariat for that task; also, what counts as good or bad management of a site is a matter of opinion, and can only be left to the creative vision of the founder.[2]

High Council[edit]

The High Council consists of the Secretary-General (Leucosticte), the Supreme Leaders (Kointo and FeminismIsCancer), and the Senior Moderators (Robtical and Cancel).