Nomic battle royale

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The nomic battle royale is a competition, begun in December 2018 shortly after Kointo's temporary accession to the throne, to determine who will be the next supreme leader of The four declared candidates for the leadership of are adolf512, Insalsa, Kointo (represented by Facade), and Robtical. Other players include Ellie, Griffith (played by Nigger), Leucosticte, Mainländer, Near (played by Sosu), and Paul Smenis.

There are 13 possible slots for players, which means 2 are presently empty.


FukkenLoser claims to be a Kointo supporter and says he does not have time to be leader. However, he had after Kointo's elevation to the throne following Zesto's departure expressed disappointment at not having been chosen to be leader.

Special rules[edit]

Prior to the start of the game, three immutable rules, Rules 117, 118, and 119, were added to Peter Suber's initial ruleset by Leucosticte, to establish the prize for winning, provide for time control, and allow for adding new players. Rule 118, the time control rule, appoints Leucosticte as the timekeeper.


adolf512 joined the game shortly after Cancel opened debate on Rule 301. Chryzis Lux dropped out after voting on Rule 301. Cancel dropped out during voting on Ellie's Rule 302. Paul Smenis joined during discussion on the drafting of FukkenLoser's Rule 303. Mainländer joined during the vote on Rule 304.

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