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r/IncelTears, sometimes known derisively as CuckTears, is a subreddit devoted to mocking incels and trying to get their edgier sites shut down. Incels commonly refer to it as the one truecel forum on the Internet, due to the suspicion that large numbers of IncelTears users are actually incels-in-denial themselves. A common trope on r/IncelTears is that a user will say he used to be an incel, but now that he has learned to respect women, he has the ability to get sex whenever he wants, but just hasn't wanted to devote effort to that yet, which is why he is still a virgin. Incel communities will commonly use false flag posts on IncelTears to promote their own sites, although this is deterred somewhat by the fact that all new IncelTears posts must go through moderation before going live.

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