RageAgainstTDL v. Zyros

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RageAgainstTDL v. Zyros was a case that extended the line of precedents established in knajjd v. Zesto and paved the way for SergeantIncel v. Leucosticte. In denying Zyros's ban appeal, RageAgainstTDL wrote:[1]

In your case, you have gone out of your way to stand out and make sure everyone knows who you are, what you look like, and how much sex you have had. You have posted over many websites with overlapping userbases using the same name, identity, and avatar. You have bragged, humble bragged, and attentionwhored across this chosen shared identity for years now leading right up to this point.

You can't take back years and years of ongoing bragging. Everyone already knows who and what "Zyros" is. You've put a lot of effort into ensuring that across multiple sites and over many years of posting. This was your choice, and you alone are responsible for it.

There is no way for you to remedy this. You are no longer capable of being "indistinguishable from an incel." There is no way for you to plausibly become again "indistinguishable from an incel."

The rules of this forum are not designed or implemented to accommodate Chads. This is and will always remain an incel forum first and foremost. You are welcome to keep posting on, where you will find many other sexually successful men also bragging about their sexual successes. But you are not an incel, you do not fit under the rule above, and your ongoing presence and self-made notoriety have now become disruptive to the community. Therefore, you can no longer post here.

The moderation and administration team has discussed this issue already. The decision was made without any personal animosity or ill will toward you Zyros, but rather with the best interests of the community and fair implementation of the condition described above in mind. This will therefore not be reviewed further.