See you tomorrow

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See you tomorrow is a common response in incel communities to posts expressing imminent intent to commit suicide, especially when there's no indication the person has actually made serious preparations to kill themselves; or when they leave an elaborate statement of their reasons, suggesting they still have enough attachment to this world to care what people think.

"See you tomorrow" can be interpreted as succinctly indicating, among other things, (1) we have read, and acknowledge, your post, but there's little else for us to say, given that we're a blackpilled community that knows we can't solve your inceldom, so it's not like we're going to give you a bunch of platitudes, or try to guilt-trip you out of doing it, the way most people would; (2) if this was an attempt at trolling, we're not going to humor it; (3) we too have thought about suicide many times and not gone through with it, so we know what the likely outcome of this is; (4) don't be embarrassed to show up tomorrow and post, because it's not like you had any credibility to lose, given that we didn't believe you to begin with; (5) you're still welcome to come back, even after saying you were going to kill yourself; we're not like the normies who would hold it against you and say, "How dare you be so selfish!" or (6) even if, given what a faggot you are, we don't necessarily want to see you again, we acknowledge the inevitability that you will in fact be back (since the worst assholes hardly ever seem to kill themselves; it's usually the more sensitive types who do that), so we're bracing for it by reminding ourselves that we can't escape it.

"See you tomorrow" can also be interpreted as hopeful or wishful thinking by those who hope the person doesn't actually kill themselves. In that sense, it's like an affirmation, much like when two friends say to each other, "See you later." There's no guarantee they actually will see each other later (since one of them could get hit by a bus), but they look forward to it.