SergeantIncel v. Leucosticte

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In SergeantIncel v. Leucosticte, Leucosticte was banned on 11 December 2018 by SergeantIncel. According to Leucosticte, it seems that the main reason, or at least the impetus, for the ban was's mods' displeasure with his providing a platform for, which Zesto and his users were using to disparage, criticize, and/or mock and its mods.[1]

There were other factors as well, though. According to SergeantIncel:[2]

He is or was married, incited illegal discussion on incel websites, advertised repeatedly and incited others to do so as well after he was told to stop, had some other warnings in his profile, and this:


The topic is more complicated that this, obviously. That's the summary.

Leucosticte considers most of the issues Serge raised to be old news and/or misleading.[3] He views his ban, though, as the logical next step in the set of precedents beginning with knajjd v. Zesto and RageAgainstTDL v. Zyros, in which users were banned from for what they posted to Looksmax or other sites. In SergeantIncel v. Leucosticte, a precedent was set that content posted even to, e.g., a private Volcels sub-forum of a non-SergeantIncel-affiliated site such as Incelocalypse could be fair game for being used to support a ban from[4]