Tahlia incident

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The Tahlia incident was an incident involving Mainländer that went as follows:[1][2]

She subscribed to my channel and commented on my vids, including praises of my musical talent. Eventually she mentions she's a 17 yo girl. Then she said she was ugly.

Then I went to her channel and saw her, she's not only not ugly but I found her super attractive, just the type of girl I'd want, white, slim and young. So I felt overwhelmed by a mix of rage and attraction and ended up inviting her to since Zesto said foids are allowed there.

Turns out people bullied her there and she became sad, made a video crying, etc. I fortunately snapped out of my orbiting quickly but tons of people there were fucking thristy to orbit her even though no one seems to come from her area.

Some highlights: Fukkenloser got so mad when I woke up the next day (this last Sunday) and decided to ban her that he asked me for a permaban (which ended up just being a couple of hours ban since he asked Zesto to come back); various other guys there were trying to get her contact through me.



Tahlia is some hot prime jb foid attention whore from 4chan or something. She joined the site for attention or something. She has a tumblr, where she posts some typical teenage girl shit. She also has a youtube channel where she makes edgy unfunny kike jokes and cries about how she's ugly.


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