Zesto arc

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The Zesto arc is the historical period beginning with the founding of on 4 December 2018, and ending with the appointment of Kointo on 24 December 2018, which marked the beginning of the Kointo arc.


Founding arc[edit]

The founding arc began on 4 December 2018. Threads created by Zesto during this period included Intro to the Weebpill, Blackpilled Otakus and Forum Rules, Music Megathread, Manga Recommendation Thread, Anime Recommendation Thread, Loli Thread, and Videogame Megathread. On 6 December, Zesto announced that the soft-launch was over and the hard-launch could take place.[1]

Shitposting arc[edit]

The shitposting arc began on 9 December, with Kointo's arrival, which brought a spike of traffic. On 11 December, Zesto controversially banned NEETAndTidy.

Endgame arc[edit]

The last period of the Zesto arc was the endgame arc. Kointo departed on 23 December 2018, causing traffic to plummet.[2] Psychonaut posted a thread to Looksmax sharing Zesto's pics (from before he looksmaxxed, gymmaxxed, and dietmaxxed)[3] and accusing Zesto of usurping Kointo's account to impersonate him. Attempts were made by unknown individuals to doxx blickpall and NEETAndTidy at Kiwi Farms.[4] Zesto vanished on 24 December and was replaced by Kointo.

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